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Arma Reforger 1.2: Reinforcements Update 
Transforms Battlefield Dynamics

Prague, June 26th 2024 – Bohemia Interactive, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Arma series, is thrilled to announce the release of Arma Reforger 1.2: Reinforcements Update. This highly anticipated update offers a number of new features, assets, and improvements, including flares, AI driving, helicopter weapons, and more!

You can find the trailer for the update, here.

Whether you’re commanding AI squads, engaging in close-quarters combat with new weapons, taking to the skies with helicopter defenses, or staying on the ground with vehicle improvements, the Reinforcements update transforms the dynamics of the battlefield, adding new dimensions to AI behavior and capabilities. With a classic focus on realism and strategic depth, this update will change how players experience combat in Arma Reforger.

AI Revolution: Driving, Commanding, and Combat

For the first time, AI soldiers can now operate ground vehicles, navigate road networks, and avoid obstacles. This opens up new possibilities for both cooperative and player-vs-player gameplay, with AI being capable of suppressive fire, weapon assignment, and crew member reallocation. Additionally, players can now recruit and direct AI comrades with commands to move, halt, suppress, heal, follow, and defend. 

Enhanced Aerial Warfare: Helicopter Weapons and Copilot Control

The UH-1H and Mi-8MT transport helicopters now feature multiple turrets, significantly improving their defensive capabilities and changing the dynamics of aerial combat.

Expanded Arsenal: Flares, Explosive Charges, Bayonets, and More

New gear has been added to the factions’ arsenals. Flares can now be used to illuminate nighttime combat, providing better visibility in the local area. Additionally, new pilot suits and gloves have been introduced, offering authentic gear for those roles.

New weapon additions include the AKS-74U, a lightweight, close-quarter variant of the AK-74. Both the US and Soviet factions have been equipped with explosive charges, allowing for sabotage and ambush capabilities. Finally, soldiers can now attach bayonets to select weapons for better defensive close-quarter combat.

Additional Enhancements: Vehicles, Inventory, and Game Master Features

  • Vehicle Unflipping: Allows players to right overturned vehicles, often requiring teamwork.
  • Copilot Control: Enables copilots to take over helicopter controls if the pilot is incapacitated.
  • Civilian Faction: Now available in Game Master mode with randomized loadouts.
  • Get-in/Get-out Refactor: Separate actions for opening doors and entering/exiting vehicles.
  • Cycle Waypoints: Create cyclical patrol routes for AI soldiers.
  • Linking Waypoints: Assign AI to specific vehicles or objectives, enhancing scenario creation.
  • Inventory Improvements: The inventory system has been overhauled for better functionality and performance, with a complete UX/UI refresh.

Arma Reforger 1.2: Reinforcements Update delivers a refreshing combat simulation experience. Bohemia Interactive invites all soldiers to join the battle and experience the new enhancements firsthand.

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About Arma Reforger
Arma Reforger is the first glimpse of the future of the Arma Platform on the Enfusion Engine. It marks the culminating success of Arma: Armed Assault (2006), Arma 2 (2009), Arma 3 (2013), and is the spiritual successor to the original game that helped define the mil-sim (military simulation) genre, Arma: Cold War Assault (2001).
 For more information, visit reforger.armaplatform.com.

About Bohemia Interactive
Our story began with our first game, Arma: Cold War Assault, which was released back in 2001. Developed by just a handful of people, this PC-exclusive title became a massive success. It sold well over a million copies, received numerous industry awards, and was praised by critics and players alike. Since then, we’ve grown from a ragtag bunch of garage devs to an international family of over 400 professionals, working on Arma 3, Arma 4, Arma Reforger, DayZ, Ylands, Vigor, our proprietary Enfusion engine, and various other projects. Our ambition: to make games that act as platforms for people to explore, create, and connect.
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