Finished FFXVI and want more? Well, have you tried FFXIV?
Roman numerals aside, it’s a logical step to enjoy more, magical Final Fantasy
(Spoiler free text!)

We at Mi5 Communications know the hollow feeling that follows the high of finishing a great single player game. We know the struggle that comes with finding the next kick. “Why, oh why aren’t there more of this?!” Well, for Final Fantasy XVI there actually IS more. Let us explain why the next logical step in your Final Fantasy journey is backwards.

The single player experience
Yes, 14 and 16 are completely different genres. But there’s been recent additions to 14 that lets you play the game almost as a single player game. While you previously needed to complete instanced content with other players, there’s now an option to do that with NPC’s instead. So if you feel you rather take on the game alone while you level, that’s fine!

The story
It’s been called a “masterpiece” for a reason. The storyline in FFXIV is just that good. Even in early stages of the game, you get included and feel important. And before you know it, it’s the middle of the night and oh god I got work in three hours but I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

The soundtrack

The environment
It’s hard to believe that A Realm Reborn is almost 10 years old. The environment in FFXIV is still gorgeous. If you come from FFXVI, you will instantly notice the similarities. From the darker and more gritty areas, to the lush forests, vast fields and jaw dropping mountain ranges in the background.

The boss fights
Another similarity between 14 and 16 is the incredible boss fights. In FFXIV, you will meet them alone through the story or in instanced content. Some give gripping story details, some will keep you on your toes while fighting. When you later get into more end-game content, you will notice the thrill of working with your allies to take on some of the most challenging fights.

If you’re interested in learning how to get started in FFXIV, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Mi5C.

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