Here we are

We provide both public relations and innovative marketing for
companies in the gaming
industry. Our past and present clients are everything from local
game developing companies to international publishers.


We have more than 25 years of combined experience from the
industry and have worked with everything from small game
developers to international publishers. We understand the
challenges and unique possibilities companies in the games
industry face because we’re not only experts on what we do,
we’re also the consumers


Need help with a shorter campaign, a longer campaign, or a
”lagom” marketing campaign? Well, we can help you with
that...and everything in-between.

What we do

Mi5 Communications offers local expertise and everything from
no-nonsense product and corporate public relations via
advertising and production to marketing campaigns, media
training and events…and anything in-between.
Simply put, we're your own little Nordic team.

Business Intelligence

We know the market, and the Nordic gaming landscape in
particular. So if you need information, we can easily cut it down
for you, into bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest.

Crisis Managment

Sometimes sh*t hits the fan, or something bad just happens. But
don’t worry, it can always be fixed. And that’s where we come in
like a knight in shining armour on a majestic moose to save the

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